Rainbow Calligraphy–Rainbow Art Name Painting


English couple names will be translated into Chinese characters for painting. 

Please  provide us the couple’s first names/ one person’s  first name & last name /two first names or two words for this type of rainbow art name painting later.

We will create the very artistic & personalized Rainbow calligraphy  artworks for you and your loved ones by artist Jessie Ren.

  • Artwork size:paper size 28cmx28cm, it is suitable for couple’s name in Kanji, Chinese or Korea and no more than 6 characters.
  • Free shipping
  • Artworks 100% hand painted
  • Name within 4 characters: $29.97
  • Name with 5 or 6 characters $33.97  

R8: Rainbow Calligraphy of Couple in Chinese, Japanese or Korean (large)

  • Please provide names of couple, E,g, Tom & Elsa or  晓明 & 丽萨. English names will be translated into Chinese for painting. Chinese, Japanese and Korean will be used as is. All artworks comes without frame. 

  • Shipping will generally take 7-14 days upon delivery. Shipping will usually be via Singpost registered mail.