Rainbow Calligraphy–Rainbow Art Name Painting


Kindly provide us the names, words or idiom for this type of rainbow art name painting later. 

English Names will be translated into Chinese for painting. 

It is suitable for one first name/ first name & family’s name together/ two first names(couple’s first names) together/word or idiom.

We will create the very nice and artistic rainbow calligraphy artworks for you and your loved ones by artist Jessie Ren.

  • Artwork size:paper size15cmx36cm to 18cmx60cm, see how long of the names of  your order, it is suitable for Japanese in Kanji, Chinese or Korea characters no more than 6 characters
  • Free shipping
  • Artworks 100% hand painted
  • Name within 4 characters: size 15cmx36cm $29.97
  • Name with 5 characters: size:18cmx50cm $33.97  
  • Name with 6 characters:size 20cmx60cm $37.97

R7: Rainbow Calligraphy in Chinese, Japanese or Korean (Varying Sizes)

  • Please provide names or words. All products come without frame.

  • Shipping will generally take 7-14 days upon delivery. Shipping will usually be via Singpost registered mail.