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Artist Jessie`s Rainbow Art Name Painting and Chinese Calligraphy Name Art are very special, personalized gifts—also known as “fortune name” or “Fengshui name” in China and Singapore. Because the name art works are painted with many Chinese traditional fortune pictures, we believe that name painting will bring you fortune in your life. The meanings of all Chinese traditional fortune pictures are as below:

Rising Sun: Have a bright future
Peacock: Good luck
Sailing Boat: Success
Mountain: Strong foundation
Bamboo: Safety
Panda: Peaceful
Dragon: Power
Phoenix: Nobility
Fish: Prosperity
Flowers: Harmony at home
Butterfly: Beauty
Lotus: Purity
Pine Tree: Health
Crane: Longevity
Heart: Love
Bird: Happiness
Old Coin: Fortune
Peacock: Good luck

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