All names of your family members(within 6 names),or within 6 nice words, or within 3 phrase or a nice long sentence will be translated into Chinese characters and written professionally in Chinese calligraphy symbols with some decorative fortune pictures on a larger Chinese rice paper which have been mounted on a traditional Chinese Calligraphy wall scroll.

Kindly provide us with all names of your family members(within 6 names), or within 6 words (e.g Harmony, peace…..) or 3 phrase or a very nice long sentence for this type of Chinese calligraphy artworks later.

We will create the very artistic & personalized Chinese calligraphy artworks for you and your loved ones by artist Jessie Ren.

  • Artwork Size: 30cmx106cm(12”x42”)
  • Free shipping
  • Artworks 100% hand painted
  • It’s better no more than 6 names/words or within 3 phrases in one Chinese calligraphy wall scroll: $69.99 

C18: All Family Member's Name in Chinese Calligraphy with Fortune Pictures

  • Please provide names (i.e. first OR last name) or words in order of appearance seperated by a comma (,)

  • Shipping will generally take 7-14 days upon delivery. Shipping will be via Singpost registered mail.