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A Bit About Us

QiYi Arts was founded as an arts and entertainment company in 2015 (previously Yixiang International Pte Ltd, est. ~2001). Under the brand, it provides Rainbow and Chinese Calligraphy services for all occasions, gatherings and gifts. Be it corporate or private events, workshops, company logo creation, and customized made-to-order artwork, we got you covered! Feel free to browse our products and services. We welcome all inquirers via email or phone. 

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Our Calligraphers

Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Chunlian

Artist Jessie Ren Yanying (Ren Shujie), since childhood, was influenced by her family to love calligraphy and painting. Majoring in architecture at the university, she specializes in pen architectural painting. From 1986 to 1990, when she studied at "China Agricultural University", she studied under the famous calligrapher of the school: Bei Weiyang. In early 1998, under the Singapore Talent Introduction Program, she had the privilege of serving with the Housing and Development Board for five years. She has been studying the history of Traditional Chinese calligraphy and practice different Chinese Calligraphy skills in different styles full-time since 2003. She has been invited by Singapore museums, schools, and various institutions to teach and perform Chinese Calligraphy, and has been fully committed to the inheritance and promotion of traditional culture for the past 26 years in Singapore. She was Invited to participate in various Chinese Calligraphy and Art exhibitions:

1)18/10/2020, 01/08/2021, 31/07/2022, “Singapore Golden Years Calligraphy Exhibition”

2)17/01/2021, 16/01/2022, “Chinese New Year exhibitions”

3)05/03/2022 “Singapore Women Artists Art Exhibition” organized by “Federation of Art Societies (Singapore)”

4)11/04/2022 The 42nd “Singapore Modern Calligrapher’s Artworks Exhibition” organized by “the Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore

5)31/07/2022 Awarded “陈勤川“evergreen calligraphy award” from “The Chinese Calligraphy Society Of Singapore”

6)11/08/2022 “Impression Singapore” -National Day Art Exhibition organized by “Federation of Art Societies (Singapore)”

7)  28/10/2022 Awarded the "Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award 2022 by the Singapore Art Society 

8)18/11/2022 “Brilliant Art Rhapsody” - International Art & Culture (Singapore) Federation Art Forum & Art Exchange Exhibition

9)23/11/2022 “Molan Art Association 55 Anniversary Exhibition” - Molan Art Association

10) 09/03/2023 "Elegant Strokes, Exquisite Art" - Women Artists Exhibition 2023 by Federation of Art Societies (Singapore)

11) 08/04/2023 The 43rd “Singapore Modern Calligrapher’s Artworks Exhibition” organized by “the Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore

12) 05/08/2023 - 09/08/2023 "Dance Singapore 2023" - Women Artists Association (Singapore) Art Exhibition


Calligrapher Darren Sun is an expert in Rainbow Calligraphy name painting with more than 10 years of experience. He started under the tutelage of Calligrapher Ren and created his own style of rainbow calligraphy. Having worked with brands such as Schroders, DBS, Courts, etc, he is now a full fledged rainbow calligrapher in his own rights. He is currently a student from the National University of Singapore. 

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