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A Bit About Us

QiYi Arts was founded as an arts and entertainment company in 2015 (previously Yixiang International Pte Ltd, est. ~2001). Under the brand, it provides Rainbow and Chinese Calligraphy services for all occasions, gatherings and gifts. Be it corporate or private events, workshops, company logo creation, and customized made-to-order artwork, we got you covered! Feel free to browse our products and services. We welcome all inquirers via email or phone. 

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Our Calligraphers

Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Chunlian

Calligrapher Jessie Ren Shujie (任淑洁) is an expert in Chinese Calligraphy and Rainbow Calligraphy name painting with more than 20 years of experience. She started painting and doing calligraphy full-time in Singapore's Chinatown in 2000. Since then, she was interviewed by TV stations in Germany in early October 2004, the Kingdom of Norway in May 2007, “Channel News Asia” in Singapore in March 2008, and Thailand in August 2010 and was reported by magazine: “Time out of Singapore” in February 2008 and “Very” in Japan in May 2008. She was recently interviewed by Singapore's Lianhe Newspaper in Apr 2019. Her artworks are acquired by locals and tourists alike, making them perfect gifts or souvenirs for everyone. 


Calligrapher Darren Sun is an expert in Rainbow Calligraphy name painting with more than 10 years of experience. He started under the tutelage of Calligrapher Ren and created his own style of rainbow calligraphy. Having worked with brands such as Schroders, DBS, Courts, etc, he is now a full fledged rainbow calligrapher in his own rights. He is currently a student from the National University of Singapore. 

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